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  Empire Exotics
Member Since: December 2005

Southern, California

Tel: (626) 710-2819

Email: Slomback@adelphia.net


  Empire Exotics welcomes you to discover a higher class of feline! Breeding extravagantly beautiful, exotic and rare felines..........Ask yourself one question............ Are you worth it?  
  Kingsmark Bengals & Serengetis
Karen Sausman
Member Since: December 2006

Mt Center, CA 92561

Tel: (951) 659-4258

Email: KSerengeti@aol.com


  Kingsmark is a TICA & CFA registered cattery. I provide written health contracts with any cat or kitten that leaves my cattery. I have been involved with the careful breeding of animals both as a profession and an advocation for nearly 40 years. I bring the same care to the breeding of quality Serengetis that I use with some of the most endangered animals on earth.  
Karl & Susan Karakash
Member Since: January 2005


Tel: 813-643-0542

Email: thekarakashkats@yahoo.com


Kittens Available
  We are a small cattery in the Tampa Bay Florida breeding sweet and gorgeous Serengetis and F1-F3 Savannah kittens. All our kittens are TICA registered, raised in our home, and are health guaranteed.  
  Spotted Circus
Elizabeth Serven
Member Since: July 2005


Email: spottedcircus@sbcglobal.net


  We are a TICA cattery breeding and showing only Serengetis. They are raised in our home with dogs, cats, and fish and are very socialized. Our active, vocal cats will bring a little piece of our circus home to you.  
Rise D. Mikolajewski
Member Since: November 2001

395 Wooten Rd. Clarksville, Tenn 37042

Tel: (931)645-3755

Email: sayd1scent@aol.com


  Beautifull Serengeti cats, beautiful serval look with no "wild blood". All our kittens are vaccinated by a veterinarian and guaranteed healthy.  
  Couture Cats
Kaleena Lee
Member Since: Apirl 2005

Cleveland, Missouri

Tel: (816) 590-0489

Email: kaleenalee@yahoo.com

Website Coming Soon!
  At Couture Cats we breed Savannah to savannah crosses, F2 chausies, and F1, F3, and SBT bengals. We have pet and show quality kittens available. All of our babies are one of a kind works of art!  
Allison Navarro
Member Since: March 1999


Tel: (845) 566-4966

Email: savannahcat@optonline.net


  Our cats have been regulars on NBCs "Today Show" and the "Morning Show". All our kittens are vaccinated by a veterinarian and guaranteed healthy.  
  Lesant Serengetis and Siamese
Antoinette Clarke
Member Since: August 2007

Youngtown, Ohiio

Tel: (330) 759-7600

Email: antoinetteclarke@lesantsiamese.com


  Breeders of Serengetis and Siamese  
  Noahs Clarks Cats
Debra Clark
Member Since: June 2009

Salina, Kansas

Tel: (785) 820-7328

Email: noahsclark@aol.com


  The Serengeti cat is a cross between the Bengal cat and an Oriental cat. Created by Karen Sausman of Kingsmark Cattery in California in 1994, the Serengeti is still in the development stages, but the ultimate aim is to produce a cat that looks similar to a Serval, without using any recent wild cat blood. Bengal cats originated from the hybridization of Asian Leopard Cats. Most Bengal cats used in Serengeti programs are many generations removed from these origins and possess few genetic contributions of the Leopard Cat except alleles affecting coat color. Serengeti cats are spotted cats, with long legs and very large ears. Male Serengeti cats are generally slightly larger and heavier than females and can weigh up to 15 pounds; females generally weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

Serengeti cats are recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) in tabby, ebony silver, ebony smoke and solid black. A group of breeders in the UK are currently working towards getting TICA to also recognize the snow spotted (aka lynx-point) variety.
  The Webmaster makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any of the Catteries that are listed on the Exotic Cat Network. All transactions between Breeders and Visitors to this and other Exotic Cat Network sites are the responsibility and at the risk of all concerned parties. We strongly recommend potential cat owners to become educated about finding and working with responsible breeders.  
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